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Top Ten

Ten Reasons to Holiday on Crete with a Motorcycle

While there are many locations to choose from for a motorcycling holiday, here are my top ten reasons why you should consider Crete for your next motorcycling a motorbike crete, motocycle rental crete touring crete rent a suzuki eurodriver

1)Because you haven’t toured here before. You didn’t have the chance to visit before. Be prepared for a life-altering experience. The unique culture and beauty of the spectacular landscapes alone are enough to impress you. Exploring on a motorcycle and being immersed in the sights, sounds and scents of Crete will dazzle your senses. Alone, in an organized tour or in a group of friends the sense of accomplishment of having taken your passion for motorcycles to a new level is immensely rewarding in itself. Be ready for an amazing experience that you will remember forever.

2) Because you have been here before. Crete, the mystical island where wonderful experiences never end. There is always more to explore, and to see. Expand your senses where the elements of nature which offer countless opportunities, where time stands still while moving fast forward. Can you recall the thrilling emotion of your first time exploring Crete. Rest assured that it never fades.


3) Because of the terrain. Where else in the world can you ride up snow peaked mountains through steep gorges then swim in warm sea all in one day’s ride. Crete is famous for its diversity. Every turn in the road is a photo opportunity.  Whether it’s the plane of Messara bejewelled with thousands of fruit trees, the gentle rolling hills of Arhanes, discovering hidden beaches and lagoons aMotorbike rental Crete Eurodrivert the end of steep gorges, you can experience it all on Crete, there is always a new natural wonder to explore.


4) Because of the motorbikes. There is no better way of seeing Crete than with a motorcycle. It’s a motorcyclist’s paradise, an ideal location for your  motor biking adventure.While there are many different types of motorbikes, each offering a different experience, we’ve built our motorcycle fleet based on  an ideal selection for the terrain of Crete. Our collection of motorbikes  allows you room to select according to factors such as height, comfort, experience or performance. Trust in our many years of working with motorcycles that all our models ideal for the roads of Crete and will enhance your experience of touring on the island.


5) Because of Crete’s size. Neither too big or small Crete is ideal in size for discovering. With over 8000 km of asphalt road to discover, Crete is larger than most visitors expect. Even better news for bikers is that the majority of Crete’s roads are B roads. Well maintained small country roads offering exciting serpentines or sweeping curves with stunning views around every corner, and where every kilometre is a marvellous adventure.


6) Because of the climate. A perfect climate that is neither too hot or cold, so that it is comfortable to tour with a motorcycle throughout the year. With a remarkable percentage of sunny days in the year, conditions are ideal for  a motorcycle holiday.


7) Because of the extraordinary taste of Cretan cuisine. Stop after an exhilarating day on the road to eat at a local taverna, you will be able to taste to colours of the Mediterranean . The jewel of Europe, this is the island where every kind of fruit and vegetable grows. From avocado’s and pistachio’s in Chania, every kind of citrus fruit, that you will see decorating roadsides, banana’s and potatoes in Malia, cherries almonds and watermelons, on Messara, sweet apples and pears on Lass

ithi and of course the majesti

c olive tree. The worlds most exquisite Mediterranean flavours are before you. Renown for its health benefits the mystery of the Cretan cuisine lie in its recipes perfected over time, and of course the in its freshness of products used.


8) Because it’s easy to get here, with two International airports on the island and direct flights throughout Europe it is only a couple of hours away. So what is stopping you?

9) Because of the people and culture. Famous for their hospitality and their vivacious characters, wherever you go on the island you will feel

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welcome. Whether it’s the sleepy village with the local café Neon, or the busy resort, you can bet that there will be a welcoming smile and someone will have an insider tip of a natural wonder on their doorstep!


10) Because of the price. If you are an experienced motorcycle adventurer, and have taken motorcycling holidays in other countries, you may well be surprised at the variety of motorbikes that we have on offer,  the standard of services and of course the price compared to other locations. While offering a wealth of experience and stunning scenery, motorcycle holidays on Crete are generally far more affordable than other countries.

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